No public workshops are scheduled this coming school holidays. 


Create Memorable Characters

In this fun and rewarding workshop we'll learn how to create well rounded characters in our stories, and how to develop characters until they literally spring into life on the page. We'll discover what makes each character tick and how to use interesting dialogue (speech) to move a story forward.

How to Write Descriptively

In this workshop we'll learn how to write descriptive settings and produce writing that is rich, yet easy to read. We'll look at where and when to add description into stories, and how to incorporate elements and sensory details to create a wide variety of atmospheric settings. This workshop is ideal for anyone at any level who needs to learn how to create interesting settings and add more depth to their stories.

Punchy Punctuation and How to Proof it!

Commas, capitals, exclamation marks, question marks, colons and semi-colons this workshop has it all. Upskill your punctuation and learn how to professionally proof it every time!

Editing Tips

Learn how to edit like a professional using tips and tricks from the trade from the first edit right through to the final proofreading.

Build Atmospheric Settings

Play with words and learn how to create cool and atmospheric settings and worlds for your characters to live in.

Junior Reporter

If you've ever wondered what it is like to work in a newsroom, then this is the workshop for you!

Travel Writer

Learn how to capture adventure in your writing and give readers a sense of the experience. Turn your school holiday trips and weekend activities into riveting travel stories. The next time your teacher asks you to write about what you did in the school holidays they'll be impressed! For accomplished writers this workshop also provides inspiration on taking it to the next level: how to get your travel stories published in newspapers and magazines. 

Create New Ideas and Write Gripping Plots

In this workshop we learn new ways to create interesting story ideas and how to incorporate characters, settings and events into our writing. We'll also look at how to introduce and solve a problem to create a dynamic plot, and discuss how to write riveting beginnings, middles and ends. If you've ever been stuck, staring at a blank page or thought "Um, what should I write next", then this workshop is for you!