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Reviewed by Donna Blaber  First published in Renovate magazine

Principles of Home

There’s something very reassuring about Kevin McCloud’s new book Principles of Home. For starters he reckons that all homes need autobiographical clutter and says that a home is not a furniture showroom or shop. I like him already. In McCloud’s world pretentiously large walk-in fridges are unnecessary unless you’re a gamekeeper. My kind of guy. And finally, just to top it off (in case I was wavering [I’m not]) he’s a keen advocate of spending money on a home’s bones – on its insulation, structure, joinery, windows and air tightness. In fact, not one of the 43 principles he outlines in his fantastic manifesto of how we all should or could aspire to live, falls short on expectations. To locate retail outlets visit

Great Bath Ideas

If you’re seeking a wide range of ideas to make your bathroom the luxurious retreat you’ve always dreamed about then you need look no further than Great Bath Ideas by Betsy Speert. It's jam-packed full of creative ideas for luxurious bathroom design. Organised in various styles from new country charm through to modern Mediterranean, Zen retreat, and black and white (to name but a few), it provides comprehensive advice on the latest trends (for example steam showers with body sprays, rain showerheads, overflow whirlpools and mirrors with embedded LCD TVs), and provides instructions on how to combine various elements and fixtures to transform your bathroom into a comfortable oasis. To order a copy of Great Bath Ideas visit